Santa Dust – a Magical Christmas Tradition by Patricia Cardello

It is that time of year when it seems magic is in the air … Santa Magic, that is! So many wonderful family traditions center around this time of year, many of them involving the jolly old elf. Patricia Cardello’s idea started with her own children, and then grew. Hers is a story that has a [amazon_link id=”B000HT3PPG” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” … Read More

Family Traditions – create together!

Do you remember any family traditions from your childhood? Do you include those traditions for your kids and family now?  Have you invented your own new family traditions? Old or new, family traditions are a fun way to bring everyone together to create lasting, loving memories. No one realizes how important family traditions are than Vanessa Roam. All of her life, … Read More

Build relationship skills with Julia Cook

How did I make new friends? How do I avoid bullies? What do I do if I feel left out? Kids can have difficulty learning the proper relationship skills needed to succeed in social situations with their peers. Sometimes, parents are looking for help talking about the social lessons their children need to learn. We don’t want to beat them … Read More

Learning to Walk: My Early Steps helps Parents

First our babies roll over, then they crawl, they start pulling themselves up, and then we watch as they figure out learning to walk. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. We want them to build their independence, but we don’t want them to hit the corner of the coffee table. So how do we keep them safe and … Read More

Healthy food! Yuck or yum??

Check out our picture of healthy food over there. How many of these fruits and veggies would your kids actually eat?!  Did you know that the answer for whether your kid will eat a healthy food might depend on how involved he was in the process of growing, harvesting, and cooking it to eat! No one knows this better than … Read More

Weather Wits – is it silly? educational? both?

What’s the weather like today? Seems like someone is always asking that question. Sometimes we are curious; sometimes we’re fascinated; sometimes we need to make a decision! It’s no fun when you have a picnic planned but a storm rolls in at just the wrong moment … and that’s just run-of-the-mill weather. Let’s not talk about the disruption of tornadoes … Read More

Family Life: Getting the kids to help

Does this sound like your family life? You’ve had a tough day. You are so happy to be home. Then you walk in the door and your children’s toys spread near and far across the floor. You were counting on the comforts of home. You can feel your temper rising … How do you address the issue of your kids … Read More

Animal rescue – adopt your next pet

Have you ever seen one of those animal rescue Public Service Announcements (PSAs)? Even without them, if you have a child, you probably have been asked about getting a pet. Your kids see an adorable puppy or cuddly kitten. As adults, we know that when it comes to 4-legged critters, it isn’t as easy as walking into a store shop … Read More