Library eBlast Offer — FOR HONOREES ONLY

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This library marketing campaign is designed to put your award-winning product or service in front of thousands of acquisition librarians (the librarians making product selections and purchasing decisions).

The following issues are scheduled for distribution in 2017.

TIP! Don’t be deceived by the deadline dates. Space is limited and available on a first-come basis only. Most issues sell out well before the deadline date.

January Issue
(Timed for ALA Midwinter)

Public Libraries
Reservation Deadline = 12/21

May Issue
(Timed for BEA & BookCon)

Public Libraries
Reservation Deadline = 5/4

June Issue
(Timed for ALA Annual)

Public Libraries
Reservation Deadline = 6/1

Fall Issue
(Timed for Back to School)

K-12 Libraries
Reservation Deadline = 7/30

The Library Resource Group (LRG), publisher of the Librarian’s Yellow Pages, has an extensive database of over 80,000 verified library decision-makers.

By participating in this marketing offer, your information will be emailed to an opt-in list of 5,000 library decision-makers.

Each eBlast is limited to 15 items.

Your listing includes a color image, a brief description, ordering information, and links to your points of sale (wholesalers, Amazon, direct channel, etc.). Click here to see an example of an eBlast listing.

At the end of the campaign, you are provided with a detailed contact list showing the name, job description, mailing address and email address for each person who clicked your title information.

Besides books and magazines, acquisition librarians are also looking for: DVDs / CDs, digital media, software, video games, board / card games and STEAM / STEM items.
The cost to participate is only $225 per item per issue — that’s less than $.05 per contact. Multi-item discounts are available. Contact us to request a multi-item discount. Space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Read program details and then click “Reserve Now” at the bottom of the page to secure your place in the eBlast.
Results vary, but LRG reports a response of 7-14%. So, an eBlast to 5,000 names will typically generate an estimate of 400-700 leads across all items listed in the eBlast.

In the March 2016 Issue, there were 1,742 inquiries total for 15 items — an average of 117 inquiries per item.

Librarians around the world rely on the MCA designation when selecting quality products and services for their patrons. For only $.045 per contact, you can put your award-winning product or service in front of thousands of buyers and give it the exposure it deserves.

“I am delighted with the results of the Library eBlast program! I am a first time author and Mom’s Choice Honoree and have always respected their recommendations. I signed up for the eBlast not knowing what to expect in return, but trusting the reputation of MCA. I was thrilled to receive more than 150 inquiries from librarians from all across the US. The detailed report is a great feature and includes the name, title, mailing address, and email address for each inquiry. This program is well worth the investment, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to my fellow MCA Honorees.” Gloria Gavris, Author of E is for Election Day

Also recommended by:
J. Arthur Moore, Author of the Journey Into Darkness Series

Desiree DeNourie, Author of Steak at Stake, A Food Allergy Story

Cathy Harvey, Publisher, True Light Publications

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