Relationship need a little help? Try Syncrohearts!

ValentinesHeart-150x150 relationshipFebruary = relationship!

It is National Heart Month and St. Valentine’s Day,
but the thing we think about most – and drown in thanks to television ads – is what to do to for the “perfect” relationship!

Whether you like it or not, the topic of relationships and love always come up in those days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Are you in a relationship right now? If so, how’s it going? Why are we asking all these questions about relationship?


Well, Bobby O’Neal looked at his own life and realized that something was missing. In the busyness of everyday life, his relationship with his wife was suffering and in need of a little work.

Inspired to help other relationships along with his own, Bobby set out to create a fun and practical “love” game that every couple could enjoy: Syncrohearts!

This quick and easy-to-learn game encourages all couples to spend more time together and focus communication and attention on their partner. It’s been so successful that it is now also available digitally as an app on iTunes!

To tell us more about Syncrohearts, please welcome Bobby to the Spotlight!

MCA: Hi Bobby! In our intro, we mentioned that your relationship with your wife inspired Syncrohearts. Can you tell us more about that?  
Bobby: Like a lot of modern day couples, my wife and I were leading busy lives. We were both working and raising a family. We felt like we did not have enough time in the day to do everything that was expected of us. As a result, our relationship was not receiving the attention it deserved and before we knew it, our marriage was in trouble. We had slowly drifted apart and we needed some help.


Relationships need help now and the sanctity of marriage deserves more attention and respect! The divorce rate is too high and we need to set a better example for our children.  

The inspiration came during a late night prayer/meditation. I wanted to create a love game that would help us spend more quality time together. It had to be something that would enhance our relationship through improved communication; lots of love and laughter; and more intimacy and romance.

MCA: What did you learn about yourself in creating your award-winning game?
Bobby: My professional background is in forestry and when I was inspired to create a relationship board game, I questioned this divine guidance. I was afraid of taking a risk; not just worried about failure, but I was also concerned about what others would say.  “A forestry guy creating a relationship game – he must have been out in the bush too long!”

Even so, I knew that if a professional counselor or a family therapist created Syncrohearts it might not be accepted by men. They might feel threatened by another “counselling tool”.

Experience and faith tell me that Syncrohearts was meant to be created and promoted by an “average guy” who could relate to the everyday challenges of maintaining a loving relationship.

MCA: Would you consider getting “average guys” on board to be your mission?
Bobby: I want to help enhance relationships around the world. I want to set a better example for my son and for men everywhere. Do not give up on your marriage when the going gets tough!

Zajac Ranch supported by relationship game

MCA: What does 2013 have in store for you? 
Bobby: It is going to be a very exciting year as our love mission grows! We will continue to support a very worthwhile charity, the Zajac Ranch for kids with special needs. It is a magical place where children with life threatening illnesses and disease can let their spirits soar in a caring and loving camp experience.

We are grateful to work with Mom’s Choice Awards® in spreading the word about Syncrohearts and helping to promote the work that the Mom’s Choice Awards® does for families!

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