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glass baby bottlesHere at Mom’s Choice Awards®, we’re all about quality products for families. It is probably the most critical piece of our evaluation protocol.

We’re moms … and we remember when we were welcoming a new baby into our lives. We wanted them to be healthy and do everything we can to keep them that way. Everything has to ooze quality: food, toys, clothing … including diapers and baby bottles.

For Christine Barlow that maternal instinct for infant health went into overdrive when her son was born prematurely due to a birth defect. Pursuing research into the defect, she found that even a small amount of chemicals coming from plastics created a cause for concern.

That fact inspired Christine to create the 5 Phases™ glass baby bottle, which not only gave a better alternative to helping bottle-feed babies, but also aimed to educate parents on the potential dangers of chemicals.

Please welcome Christine to the Spotlight!

MCA: Welcome to the spotlight Christine! We covered some info in the introduction, but can you tell us a little more about what motivated you to create your baby bottle?
Christine: I would say most inventors who create children’s products are inspired by their own kids. My inspiration in creating a safer alternative to traditional feeding bottles came after the birth of my 1 lb 7 oz micro-preemie baby.

glass baby bottleHaving a compromised child, I became aware how environmental factors were affecting our children. With all the concerns of plastics, the medical community is increasingly recommending glass. It is a heat-resistant, non-reactive material alleviates plastic concerns.

However, there were not a lot of options for parents who wanted to use glass. My passion in creating this bottle has been to both educate and help caring parents, while giving them a better alternative for feeding their baby.

We tweet, Facebook, and blog on the effects of chemicals in our environment, the benefits of holistic medicine and organic living all of which tend to become more important to new parents.

MCA: We love hearing about the motivation driving entrepreneurs! Now that you have an award-winning product, what are your goals for the next year?
Five phases logoChristine: I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of designing and creating my bottle and forming 5 Phases™ LLC. Having received the prestigious Gold seal from Moms Choice Awards® encourages me to keep going and stay focused on my vision.

I continue to make improvements on my bottle design from the valuable customer feedback I receive. It is very important for me to establish 5 Phases™ as a brand parents can trust.

Through the internet and the general media we are slowly hearing about the effects of chemicals in our environment and the harm it is doing to our children. With autism, ADHD, diabetes, asthma, allergies, obesity, and brain cancer in epidemic proportions, people are becoming more environmentally conscious.There is a definite need for more products that address parents’ concerns, and as a result, 5 Phases™ has discussed and is open to the idea of extending and developing a whole line of eco-friendly products.

MCA: That’s wonderful! You mentioned that you are always adjusting based on feedback. How do you think your Mom’s Choice Award® can help with that? 

5 phases bottle creator

Christine and her children

Christine: I think when parents purchase products for their children they tend to stick to brands they know and trust. Branding is a very crucial part of owning a business, especially when it comes to children’s products.

By seeing the Gold seal from Moms Choice Award® parents can be reassured our bottles and our company has been through a thorough screening. This award is not only an incredible marketing opportunity for our bottles, but most importantly, it helps us spread awareness among new parents on the effects of chemicals in our environment, and the benefits of holistic medicine and organic living.

MCA: We’re glad we can help. Can you share with us what you learned about yourself as an entrepreneur in creating your award-winning product?
Christine: It is important to keep your vision and work hard to achieve your goals. Most importantly, never give up. If you are passionate and love what you are doing you will succeed. Something that might seem devastating at the time can turn out to be your calling in life!

Having a compromised child made me the environmental activist and entrepreneur that I am today. Creating this glass baby bottle was not only a solution to a much needed problem but it was an avenue to share what I have learned along the way.

I love knowing that 5 Phases™ is having a positive impact on the lives of others, but I am especially pleased on the role model I have become in the lives of my two children.

MCA: That is excellent to hear! Since launching your product, what has been your most rewarding experience in promoting or sharing it with the public? Do you have a favorite memory?
Christine: I have received numerous awards since bringing my product to market. Receiving the Gold seal from the Moms Choice Awards® is quite an honor and is at the top of my list of accomplishments. As an entrepreneur, when you bring a product to market, you have no idea how well your product will be received. I am a perfectionist and am my own worst critic. Receiving my very first award was probably my most rewarding experience because it validated that I was on the right track.

MCA: Christine, thank you for sharing your story with us. We share your vision of a healthier, happier world for children and families, and wish you luck in spreading awareness!

Mom’s Choice Awards® Honors

5 Phases Revolutionary Hybrid GLASS Baby Bottles5 Phases Glass Baby Bottle™
5 Phases LLC
Gold – Gear & Accessories

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